Spelling Rules

Check List for the First Application

  • Letter of application (Letter to Editor)
  • Copyright Form for each researcher
  • If necessary, declaration for the waiver of conflict of benefit and financial responsibility
  • If necessary, permit for the use of previously published materials
    The requirements for the papers to be written on Microsoft Word (or another program compatible with Microsoft Word)
    There must be Title Page, Abstract, Main Text and References within a single text.

Writing Rules

  • The main text must be 15 (fifteen) pages at maximum including references.
  • The full texts to be submitted must be written in Times New Roman and with 1,5 line spacing. The page must have A4 format (210 X 290 mm) and the margins must be 2,5 cm for all sides.
  • The texts must be written with font size as 11 and as justified, and the paragraphs must start as 1 cm recessed.
  • Letter to editor, introduction and short communications texts must not exceed 2500 words.

Spelling Rules
The texts, reference system, footnoting and references submitted to the journal must be arranged according to American Psychological Association (APA) rules.

I. Title and the Names of Authors

  • Title must be written in capital letters, with font size as 12, as bold and by centering the page.
  • The name(s) and SURNAMES of authors must be written with font size as 10, as bold and by centering the page.
  •  Academic titles must not be specified and the name(s) of institutions must be written with font size as 10 and by centering the page. In case papers are written by more than one author and in case these authors are from different institutions, the names of the institutions must be written by listing and enumerating. Institution names must be followed by postbox and the names of the province and state.

II. Abstract Each paper must contain an abstract as an introductory section. Abstracts must be written with font size as 11 and between 150-200 words. Besides, an abstract shall not only mention the purpose of the paper but also reflect its content, and it must be written short by stressing the significant points and results.

III. Sections and Sub-sections
The titles must be in capital letters for sections, in minuscule for sub-sections, and short and bold for both. For example: 1. INTRODUCTION; 2. LITERATURE REVIEW 3. METHOD……; and sub-sections 2.1. …. Used in the Research

IV. Figures and Tables
The phrases must be written under for figures and on top for the tables. The content of figures and tables must be explained as title beside the number of the relevant figure/table. Figures and tables must be placed in between the text, and there must also be references to figures and tables in the relevant parts of a paper.

VI. References
All the references must be specified in the list of ‘References’.
The indication of a reference within the text must not be as footnote but must be specified by providing the author’s name and surname and date of publication of the original paper. In case of direct citations, the number of pages must also be specified.
For example: Bayrakdaroğlu (2010) …,Gysbergs and Henderson (1997) Gavcar, Bayrakdaroğlu and Uzun (2011)…If the number of authors are more than 6, Gavcar et al. (2010).

The references must be given by the order they appear in the paper.

For example: (Ginsburg, 2005: 148)… In case a footnote is to be given, a number must be assigned in the text and the footnote must be written at the bottom of the page with font size as 10. References must be written at the end of a paper with font size as 10.

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