Publication Ethics

The object of The Journal of Rısale-i Nur Studies is to ensure that the information is provided to all readers impartially and respectively in accordance with the adopted and executed publication process of the journal. In this context, it is an irrevocable principle in terms of publication ethics to subject the works to peer-review which are submitted for publication. In accordance with this principle, all the shareholders of our journal (authors, readers, researchers, publisher, reviewers and editors) is liable to comply with the criteria and the standards of ethical principles.

Ethical Responsibilities of the Authors

  • The authors cannot submit a paper sent to this journal simultaneously to another journal for publication.
  • The papers submitted must be original or compilation works.
  • In case author(s) avail of or use other works, true and complete reference must be given and/or citation must be made.
  • The journal acknowledges compliance with the Principles of Helsinki Declaration for all the works that address “Human”. In case of such works, authors must remark under MATERIAL AND METHOD section of their paper that they conducted their work in compliance with such principles and that they received “Informed Consent” from ethics committee and the participants of the works.
  • All authors indicated must have direct academic-scientific contribution to the submitted paper. The scientific pertinence of papers is under the responsibility of their authors.
  • Authors are liable to subject their paper to a review of plagiarism before submitting. The rate of plagiarism must not exceed 20% in the plagiarism report to be created excluding references.