Loneliness Among Elderly: Scenarios in Malaysia and Solutions Based on the Commentaries of Risale-i Nur


  • Noornajihan Jaafar Assoc. Prof




Loneliness, Elderly, Risale-i Nur


As ordinary human beings we cannot avoid feelings of loneliness. While all individuals will experience loneliness at some point in their lives, most studies emphasize that it is the elderly who are particularly vulnerable to such feelings. If not addressed, loneliness can lead to lowered resistance to infections, cognitive decline, and mental health issues such as anxiety and depression. This article discusses the definition of loneliness, the scenarios in Malaysia’s community, the factors of the incresment and approaches in addressing it based on the scriptures of  Risalah An-Nur for the elderly. The methodology employed in this study is qualitative studies based on the statistical data of elderly and its issues  in Malaysia and written sources especially the Risalah An-Nur book of scriptures as the main data source. According to Bediuzzaman’s perspective there are three possible solutions or antidotes to feelings of loneliness among the elderly. The fundamental solutions provided in this paper can serve as guidance especially to the elderly and indirectly to operators of senior citizen care centres as well as the government in managing the welfare of the elderly in Malaysia.








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