Fortitude of Bediuzzaman Said Nursi


  • cemil bayındır


Persistence, Fortitude, Success, Maturation, Faith service


Imam Bediuzzaman Said Nursi performed all his religious services undoubtedly only because Allah orders them. He abandoned not only all worldly status but also his after life for the sake of safety of people’s faith. We can see that both in his life and his works. It can be said that Imam Bediuzzaman lived not for himself but for people to die with their faith. He was worried about his dawah so much so that it was recorded in his biography that when he fell down from Van Castle and had a close brush with death, he shouted “Oh my dawah!” Patience and fortitude are at the top of the issues Bediuzzaman focused on the most for success in the service of faith. No matter how separate these concepts may seem, they are actually complementary concepts that complete each other. Stating that one of the biggest factors in reaching the goal is to show fortitude against the difficulties, Bediuzzaman strongly recommends his students to have fortitude.


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