Bediuzzaman Said Nursi's Methodology for Da’wah: An Overview of Certain Principles


  • Thameem Ushama


Methodology, Da’wah, Nursi


This study presents approaches to da’wah as adopted and taught by Said
Nursi to advance his restoration efforts. It also sheds light on the importance of their
application in the present era. The paper reviews two distinct issues: [1] approaches
Said Nursi used to confront and resolve social complexities, and [2] da’wah praxis
in the modern age. The author also discusses complexities and challenges as
presented by modern lifestyles. Special da’wah features are described including
educational and political efforts as well as the nurturing of Islamic virtue with
Nursi’s emphasis on those specific characteristics that inspire Muslim scholars to
excel in da’wah activities. Nonetheless, it is impossible to thoroughly deliberate
Nursi’s approaches and strategies in such a limited space.


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