About the Journal

The Journal of Risale-i Nur Studies

About the Journal:

The Journal of Risale-i Nur Studies is an international and peer-reviewed scientific journal which is published online twice a year with open access. The publication languages of the journal are English and Arabic.

Purpose and Focus:

The purpose is to publish original research papers, compilations, short letters, letters to editor and the like in which the subjects that concern all humankind and that, in particular, include the essence of faith in the context of Risale-i Nur. In this sense, the focus of the journal is the works in which the subjects of various disciplines are embraced with the point of view of Risale-i Nur and which comply with strong theoretical frames and scientific research stages. The goal of the journal is to offer solutions from Risale-i Nur to physical and spiritual diseases experienced by the humankind and by, in particular, the world of Islam, to contribute to the development of our species and to properly convey the Mission, Inspiration and Author of Risale-i Nur to large masses.

In accordance with this purpose and focus:

  • The Terse and Rhetoric of Koran,
  • The Comprehension and Practice of the Sunna of Muhammad the Prophet
  • Essence of Faith in Risale-i Nur
  • The History of Risale-i Nur
  • The Missionary Methodology of Risale-i Nur
  • The Life and the Personality of Bediuzzaman Said Nursi
  • The Place of Ahmet Husrev Altinbasak in Risale-i Nur Mission
  • Learning, Science and Philosophy in consideration of Risale-i Nur
  • The Doctrine, Word and Interpretation in Risale-i Nur
  • Risale-i Nur and Novation
  • Risale-i Nur and the Classes of Society
  • Teaching Philosophy of Risale-i Nur
  • The Announcement Methods in Risale-i Nur
  • Risale-i Nur and Politics
  • The Letters of Koran
  • The Observation of the Community and the Culture of Living Together
  • The Consolidation of Islam
  • The Culture and History of Islam
  • The Problems of and the Solutions for the World of Islam
  • The Faith of the Followers of Sunna
  • Islamic Philosophy
  • Human and the Essence of Life
  • Social Matters and Suggestions for Solution
  • Family and Women
  • And similar subjects narrated in papers will be published in the journal.