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The Miracles Of The Quran At Imam Nursi “Concepts And Controls”

PAGES 106-121,

Soaad Ahmed Ali SHOLAK

Kastamonu University





Despite the fact that Imam Nursi numerous references to the Quran miracle of inimitability (I’ijaz) and the many topics where he discusses this issue, it is evident that he does not provide a definition to it nor he discusses it theoretically to reveal this concept, hence the importance of this paper. This inductive study aims at searching and analyzing Risale-i Nur texts where reference is made to the Quran miracle of inimitability.

This study departs from Nursi’s holistic concept regarding Quran miracle of inimitability as an issue that could not be thoroughly understood or described. It could rather be conceived and appreciated as is reality could not be grasped or described. The appreciation is the Quran tool leads to what Nursi calls I’ijaz appreciation; something that one could feel but stands unable to intellectually describe or express it.

The paper goes on demonstrating Quran miracle of inimitability and discusses Nursi’s definition of Challenge and the position of Nursi towards Surfa (Allah diverted the Arabs from endeavoring to imitate the Holy Quran) with regard to miracle of the Quran. 

The paper reflects importance that Nursi assigns to the issue of Quran miracle of inimitability from different angles and how clear was his vision in this regard. The paper further states the similarities in understanding by Nursi and other scholars of Quran miracle of inimitability but put light on Nursi’s uniqueness in expanding the challenge beyond rhetoric to cover telling of the unknown of the past and the unseen of the future.

Keywords: Quran miracle of inimitability (I’ijaz), Risale-i Nur, Imam Said Nursi