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Cafer Muhammed EL-Ubeyd Mansur

University of Khartoum



This research aims at displaying the role played by Imam Nursi in the field of
rhetoric in general, and in his application of the indite theory of Imam Jurjani in
particular. Imam Nursi did such an important work in his exegesis work { the
miraculous signs in the supposition of concisions } this famous book is one of two
books of the ( Arabic mathnawi nuri ) which was written by Imam Nursi in Arabic
language. Even nursi could not explain the entire Quran but he was able through
his dealing with Fatiha and only thirty verses from baqarah , to prove that the
indite theory of al-Jurjany can be applied to entire chapters of the holy Quran. This
book shows the ability of Imam Nursi in the field of rhetoric in addition of his
remarkable ability in other field.
Keywords: Indite, Nursi, al-Jurjani, Rhetoric