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Rıdvan CEMAL

Islamic World Malaysia



This study aims at exploring the parameters of the indite theory of Imam
Nursi, the study tries to such expectation through a near-full extrapolation
off the letter of light (Risale-i Nur). Imam Nursi in his epistles confirms the
importance of studying the miracles aspects of the Quran, Imam Nursi
agrees with famous scholar of rhetorics that the secret of the miracles Quran
in the indite theory. The method followed in his study are inductive and
analytical. That study tries to shed light on the origins of this theory since
jurjany, jahiz wasiti bakillani and others. Imam Nursi benefited from all this
studies, and so he’s was enable to build his new character as the new saeed.
Imam Nursi was distinguished by his admiration of Jurjany. And this
admiration made Nursi to follow him, by following Jurjany Imam Nursi was
able to offer a great detailed work in interpretations of the holy Quran. The
important aspect that characterizes Imam Nursi in the combination of the
tremendous spiritual energy and his creature language knowledge. This
ability of Nursi ena bled him to explore the miracles aspects of the indite
theory of the holy Quran.
Keywords: Quran, Nursi, Risale-i Nur, Rhetoric