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Educational Philosophy According To Bediuzzaman Said Nursi

PAGES 1-16,

Muhammed Kasimi



Educational philosophy is a fact that guides the way in which education is presented. In this
study, it’s aimed to create a philosophy of education from the ideas and determinations of
Bediuzzaman Said Nursi that are related to the education directly and indirectly. The starting
point of the study is the lack of education philosophies that guide our past day-today education
system and the inability of individuals to be trained in the desired quality because they cannot
respond to the individual's needs. The research is designed as an eclectic study based on the
literature. It has been tried to obtain data by using primary sources and secondary sources. In
accordance to the topic titles, determined by preliminary source search and then the detailed
topic search, Nursi's approach to humanity, the goal of the education, the learning and teaching
process and the qualifications of the teachers were terminated.
Keywords: Educational philosophy, Said Nursi, Risale-i Nur