June 2018 Volume 1 issue 1

معالم المنهج الوسط عند الإمام بديع الزمان سعيد النُّورسي

المستخلص تناول هذا البحث الموجز مفهوم الوسط في القرآن وفي لسان العرب، وأبرز تعريف الإمام النورسي للمنهج الوسط ب(الاستقامة) وأكَّدَ على أنَّ هذا التعريف جامعٌ مانعٌ. من بعد ذهب البحث في تطبيقات لمنهج الوسط عند الإمام النُّورسي في قضايا التعامل مع القرآن الكريم ومع تفسيره، وفي مكانة العقل وحدوده، وفي Read more…

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June 2018 Volume 1 issue 1


PAGES 17-32, Rahmah Bt. Ahmad H. Osman International Islamic University Malaysia   ABSTRACT ABSTRACT   The Imam Bediüzzaman was a contemporary Turkish scholar who lived in the period of the late 19th mid 20th century. This period from the world history had a profound impact on the religious as well Read more…

June 2018 Volume 1 issue 1

Risale-i Nur And The Position Of Philosophy Through The Epistle of `Ego` (The Thirtieth Word)

PAGES 41-55, Ismat Mahmoud Ahmed SULEYMAN Hartum University   ABSTRACT ABSTRACT   The Islamic thought is abound with different attitudes towards philosophy; and those positions take up a wide spectrum between one pole represented by the current acceptance and absolute satisfaction with philosophical presence in the field of Islamic knowledge; Read more…

June 2018 Volume 1 issue 1

Addressing the Problems of Extremism through Integral Education The Imam Al-Nursi curriculum combines science education with the sciences and the universe

PAGES 56-66, İsmail KAYA African Hayrat Foundation representative   ABSTRACT This study examines the methodology of the moderation and moderation of the Risale-i Nur, referring to a range of issues and issues raised by the Risale-i Nur. Among these issues is the main question of this research: the issue of Read more…

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June 2018 Volume 1 issue 1

The Approach Of The Risale-i Nur In Proving The Issues Of Faith

PAGES 67-76, Muhammed Mustafa Muhammed SALIH Hartum University   ABSTRACT ABSTRACT   This paper tackles the approach of Risale-i Nur in evidencing issues pertaining to religious doctrine. It attempts to demonstrate the reasoning adopted by Nursi in his persistent endeavor to establish faith in hearts. The paper adopts the analytical Read more…