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Addressing the Problems of Extremism through Integral Education The Imam Al-Nursi curriculum combines science education with the sciences and the universe

PAGES 56-66,

İsmail KAYA

African Hayrat Foundation representative



This study examines the methodology of the moderation and moderation of the Risale-i
Nur, referring to a range of issues and issues raised by the Risale-i Nur. Among these issues is
the main question of this research: the issue of rejecting the number of Muslims in certain
societies Their drift away from the teachings of Islam and its origins. And the consequent
rejection of the effects on the scourge of the levels; which ends in those Muslim societies to
remain in the circle of marginalization and backwardness on the one hand, and targeting and
surveillance as a hotbed of extremism and violence on the other.
The study sought to initiate a constituent includes a theoretical vision of the Imam
Bediüzzaman Said Nursi about combining the teaching of Sharia sciences on the one hand.
And the sciences of the universe from the other side, and then display the idea of Madrasa
Zahra that those standards realistic application initiated by Imam Nursi. Offers search features
practical and applied founded the experiment On the ground from afar by students of the
Risale-i Nur based on the vision of Imam Nursi.
The study concluded inviting researchers and scholars to further study the thesis and the vision
of Imam Nursi in combining the teaching of religious sciences and modern science. And
blending them as the advancement of the nation wings go together towards the consolidation
of faith and the promotion of mental knowledge.
Similarly, the study called on the experience of İmam and Hatib schools in Turkey, calling for
benefiting from them to open a course of education for those who study the forensic sciences
with the opportunities of modern science students in the promotion of science or community
The study also highlighted the importance of studying and taking note of the experience of
Hayrat Foundation in the construction of Risale-i Nur housesto provide the society with young
people firmly rooted in its faith and capable of confronting destructive ideas.