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دراسة الحقائق من خلال كليات رسائل النور، تفسير القرآن الكريم في ضوء البيانات العلمية

Doç.Dr. Umut Muhammed Said Çavuş, Prof.Dr. Ender Serin


إن الهدف الرئيسي من هذه المقالة هو التركيز على الدور المتفرد لرسائل النور في توضيحها لحقائق القرآن الكريم.

لقد حاولت الورقة من خلال نظرها في رسائل النور، أن تلقي الأضواء الكاشفة على السمات الإعجازية في القرآن الكريم وذلك من خلال استخدامها للمنهجين الوصفي والتحليلي. حاولت الورقة الوصول من خلال  دراستها للرسائل أن تصل إلى الدور الكبير والمهم للقرآن الكريم في ترسيخ جوانب الإيمان والتوحيد عن طريق تقديم الإشارات العلمية المتعددة.



The ultimate goal of article is to focus on Risale-i Nur as a unique work of Imam Nursi in the field of explaining the truths of the Qur’an.

The writers of the paper tries, through Risale-i Nur, to shed light on the miraculous characteristics of the Holy Qur’an. The article uses descriptive and analytic methods to deal with the scientific data in order to expose the important role played by the Holy Qur’an in the fields of faith and monotheism.

The aim of this article is to compare some scientific data with the statements in the Risale-i Nur (The Book of Light), which is a factual interpretation of the Qur’an and which explains and proves the truths of the Qur’an. The article aimed to examine whether there is evidence supporting them and it tries to reveal and to discuss the data.

For this article, written in compilation style, some of the medical statements in the Risale-i Nur were identified and collected. The data in the fields related to the subject was examined. Some of the truths expressed in the Risale-i Nur such as the rotation of the white blood cells around themselves, the benefits of fasting, the disintegration of the atom and the absence of life on the moon when science had not discovered them yet were added. The issues were discussed through comparisons.

It was determined that the data, which is included in the Risale-i Nur, especially in the 32nd Word, regarding basic medical sciences such as physiology, and anatomy supported the categories related to circulatory and nervous system anatomies, information about blood and cell physiology and statements revealing evidence of oneness (tawhid). It has been shown that some of the new facts newly found by physics and atomic science, and the facts discovered after the man’s stepping on the moon were expressed correctly in the Risale-i Nur many years ago.

As a result, it was determined that the medical statements and scientific truths expressed in the Risale-i Nur coincided with scientific data and discoveries, and therefore, from a correct perspective, all these scientific data provide evidence for the fact that the Risale-i Nur, which is a unique interpretation that proves the truths of faith and the Qur’an, speak of the truth. More detailed studies are needed on this subject.


Whatever the purpose of the Qur’an, it is the aim of the Risale-i Nur, which is a true interpretation of the Qur’an. What it says is in line with the Qur’an. It speaks of medical truths and scientific facts with their aspects in reference to their Creator, their Artist, in the way it serves the purpose of the Qur’an.

The Risale-i Nur, which quotes some information from almost all branches of science, serves to understand the truths of the Qur’an, which is the interpretation of the book of the universe. The Risale-i Nur defines human as “the small universe” and the universe as “the big human.” As it is known, medicine is a science that teaches the material aspect of human being, who is the small universe. The material aspect of the human being carries the clues of the spiritual aspect and contains its secrets and codes. These secrets and codes look onto Allah and the Hereafter. Therefore, the medical science that Allah has bestowed upon us, if viewed from the right perspective, greatly serves to the revealing of the truth and the realization of the divine purposes. Again, some of the truths Risale-i Nur discovered and mentioned in the period when science had not yet discovered them clearly reveal the truth and the value of this original exegesis.

The purpose of this article is to look at the medical science that describes the human being, the glorious creation of Allah, in reference to its Creator, to examine to what extent medical data overlaps with the medical statements in Risale-i Nur and how they are evidences that support these statements, and to reveal and discuss these data. It aims to reveal that some scientific discoveries have been reported in the Risale-i Nur long before.

For this article written in compilation style, some of the medical statements in the Risale-i Nur were identified and collected. The data related to the issue in the main branches of medicine (Anatomy, Physiology…) and scientific data were examined. The issues were discussed through seven comparisons.



The 32nd Word: It is written, “When this deputy of the associates becomes desperate in terms of particle, he meets a red blood cell (erythrocyte) in the blood as he was hoping for a job in red blood cell. He says to him in the name of others and in the language of nature and philosophy: ‘I am your Lord and owner.’ The red blood cell, that is, the round red being, responds in the language of truth and the language of wisdom: I am not alone. If you can have all my equals in the blood army, which is one in terms of coins, offices, organization, if you have a moment of wisdom and perseverance that will own the whole body of cells, in which we are employed and made to travel by the great wisdom, and if you can show it, there may be a meaning in your cause. However, with your deaf nature and blind force in your hands, you cannot mix into us even a speck, let alone to claim that you own us. Because our order is so perfect that only He who sees and hears and knows and does everything can rule over us. Then shut up! My duty is so important, and the order is so perfect that I don’t have time to respond to your complicated words.” (1)

Blood physiology: “The mean diameters of erythrocytes (Figure 1) (Red Blood Cells), 7.8 micrometres (1 micron = 1 in 1000 of 1 mm). All the cells in the circulating blood originate from basic cells called the versatile blood-forming stem cells in the bone marrow.” (2) (Figure 2).

Figure 1: Erythrocytes (Red Blood Cells), Figure 2: Blood physiology, Scheme showing the origin of blood cells

In other words, the same truth in both the Risale-i Nur and in medicine is mentioned as follows: “All blood cells come from one hand, originate from the same place, all spring from one place.”  Blood physiology is evidence of monotheism (oneness). In other words, it shows that whoever makes erythrocytes is the same Creator that makes leukocytes, platelets and all other blood cells, that they all come from the same master, and that they are the products of the same factory, that there is the signature of the same hand under all these artistic creatures. Blood physiology touches the same point as the Qur’an.


The 32nd Word: “Since he cannot deceive him, he goes to the judge and comes across the range they call the cell in the body. In the language of philosophy and nature, he says: ‘I could not get the particle and red blood cell to understand. Maybe you will understand. Because you are made of a few things, like a very small range. Then I can make you. You are my creation; and I am your real owner.’ In response to him, the cell says in its language of wisdom and truth: “I am actually a tiny thing, but I have great duties, very subtle interactions, and I have connections with the body’s whole cells and system. All in all, I have deep and perfect responsibilities for the veins and arteries, sensory and motor nerves and abilities such as attraction, protection, giving birth, and complexion. If you have the power and knowledge that will create and employ all the body, all vessels and nerves and abilities, and if you have the effective power, the inclusive power that will rule the whole body of cells, which are my peers and brother of each other in creation, show it; then, you can claim “I can make you.” Otherwise, go away! Red blood cells bring me food; white blood cells fight against the diseases that attack me. I have got things to do, do not keep me busy. Anyway, a weak, lifeless, deaf, blind thing like you can never mix with any of us.” (1)

Cell physiology: The cell, which is composed of organelles of various functional units and is almost like a city (Figure 3, 4), is 5-10 micrometres in size. The human body consists of approximately 100 trillion cells. There are three basic ways of communicating between each of these cells.

Figure 3: Comparison of microorganisms and cell sizes, Figure 4: A cross-section of a typical cell showing the organelles in cytoplasm and nucleus.

Cells synthesize and secrete signal molecules (messengers). These molecules give different messages to different receiving receptors in different cells. They communicate via nerve, blood (signal molecules), close interaction (paracrine) and speak in their own language (Figure 5).

Figure 5: Communication between cells; it is realized through mindless, unconscious, blind, deaf signal molecules.

All organ-tissue-cells are organized up to the tip of the foot with signals sent from the brain in a much more spectacular and sensitive way than the liaison and order of all units such as governorship, municipality and security that govern a city. Signals from these cells also affect the brain cells. They either activate or inhibit them. Thanks to this order, our lives continue, and all our needs are met.

As mentioned in the 32nd Word, erythrocytes (red blood cells) mainly carry oxygen (rations) to cells, and leukocytes (while blood cells) are part of the immune system and protect the body from diseases. Circulation (arteries and veins) and nervous systems (sensory-motor) are organized by various signals coming out of the cells (2). In other words, the same truth is mentioned in both the Risale-i Nur and medicine: “All cells are connected, communicating, and all systems, such as the circulatory and nervous system, are organized according to the tiny unconscious signal molecules exiting the cells.”

Cell physiology is also a seal of proof for monotheism. It confirms and ratifies both the Qur’an and the 32nd Word, which is an interpretation of the Qur’an.


The 32nd Word: The Almighty Allah created the human body in the form of a well-organized city. Some of the vessels function as telegraphs and telephones. Some of themfunction as the pipes of a fountain and circulate the water of life, that is the blood.

Anatomy-Physiology: The total length of capillaries in an average human body is approximately 40.000 km. The total length of other blood vessels is about 60.000 kilometers. In other words, the total length of blood vessels of an adult person is approximately 100.000 kilometers. As we know, the equatorial circumference of our world is 40.075 kilometers. In the light of this information, the length of the vessels in the human body (assuming that they are joined one after the other) is exactly 2.5 times the circumference of the Earth. The number of neocortical neurons is 19.3 billion in women and 22.8 billion in men. The length of myelinated nerve fibers in the brain is between 150.000-180.000 km (surrounding the Earth 3.5 times). The number of neuronal synapses (connection between the nerves) in the cortex (human brain) is 0.15 quadrillion (150 million times million). The average number of glial cells in the brain is 10-50 times the number of neurons (3,4).

The supply carried by veins and signals carried by nerves reach all 100 trillion cells without exception at any time. The anatomy of the circulatory and nervous system, like its physiology, clearly declares its Creator and proves monotheism. It announces through its language that the true cause of all these great acts cannot be just the nature, which consists of unconscious evolution, blind force and powerless substances and laws.  It confirms and ratifies both the Qur’an and the 32nd Word, and the analogy, “The human body is like a city” (Figure 6-12).

Figure 6-9: Circulatory System Anatomy

Figure 10-12: Anatomy of the Nervous System


The 32nd Word “…The blood is made up of two types of sphere. Some of them are called “red blood cell”, which distribute rations to the cells of the body by a divine law (like merchants and servants). Others are white blood cell (leukocytes), and they are relatively less than the other type.  Their duty is to defend against enemies such as disease, like soldiers, and whenever they enter into defense, with two rotations like a Mevlevi, they take on a swift position.

Physiology: The number of erythrocytes in one million cell blood (1 mm³ blood) of a healthy adult person is 5 million 200 thousand. As mentioned in the 32nd Word, the leukocyte count is in minority in relation to the red blood cells, around 4-8 thousand. After the invention and development of the electron microscope, it was found that white blood cells hunt bacteria with defence strategies and two rotational movements (4, 5). This ability of science to detect this motion as a result of this level of development in the electron microscope was only possible years after it was mentioned in the 32nd Word. . Therefore, this scientific discovery also confirms and ratifies the Risale-i Nur. At the same time, it shows us the presence of our God, Who is the Artist and Creator of our defence system, soldier cells equipped with high technology weapons with perfection and sensitivity which surpass the developed weapons systems of today, and who protects us from microorganisms; all of which lead us to pray and be grateful. As can be seen in the first figure below, a soldier cell called leukocyte carries out the order he received from his commander at the expense of its own death. White blood cells are eliminated by cytokines after they eat the bacteria (Figure 13-15).

Figure 13-15: Defence strategies and working order of the immune system


Fasting in the Risale-i Nur (the Epistle on Ramadan, the 2nd Part of the 29th Letter): “Ramadanu’sh-Sharif is one of the many wisdoms related to a human’s personal life: It is a material and spiritual abstinence as a most important medicine type for human and it is medically a diet. (…) Through fasting in Ramadanu’sh-Sharif, human in a way gets used to dieting, tries to abstain from bodily pleasures and learns to obey orders. He does not call for diseases by filling his weak stomach eating food before what is in it has not been digested yet. (6)

Autophagy: It is the process of cleaning from worn devices and materials. It is a regular mechanism with precise control which ensures that the components are demolished and made available again (Figure 16). It was first described in 1962. Christian de Duve won the Nobel Prize. In 2016, Yoshinori Ohsumi won the Nobel Prize in Medicine for his work on autophagy. (7, 8)

Figure 16: Autophagy cycle, Figure 17: Autophagy activation / inhibition

One of the key regulators of autophagy is a kinase named mTOR. Autophagy is suppressed when mTOR is activated, autophagy is stimulated when mTOR is suppressed (Figure 17, 18). Fasting suppresses mTOR.

Figure 18: mTOR / autophagy activation / inhibition cycle

Insulin and glucagon are hormones that work opposite each other. Insulin decreases in fasting and glucagon increases. Glucagon is a strong stimulus for autophagy. Autophagy is a hunger specific process; it does not function in simple calorie restriction or diet. It works with the process referred to as “Fasting” or “Starvation” in the literature, which has been demonstrated to be a kind of treatment by these Nobel Prize-winning studies (8). This cure of hunger has been practiced as a “fasting worship” in Islam for 1439 years and is obligatory for every Muslim.

The other process that activates autophagy is exercise (movement). If we consider the prayer, which is our most basic prayer, we also realize the material wisdom within this prayer. The famous Irish writer George Bernard Shaw summed up this in a terse sentence: “In the future, what doctors will prescribe to their patients will be the prayer and fasting practiced by the Muslims.”

All these scientific facts that have come to light over time prove that Islam is the true religion, which shows the path to material-spiritual health and happiness in both worlds.


The 30th Flash (A name of Allah is Al-Qayyum): “…Ether is more eloquent than the particles that make up the material and is denser, insensitive, unconscious, and sublime than all the materials that the old scientists were stuck in. This ether which is infinitely divided and split…” (9).

Atomic Science: More than 1200 years ago, a Muslim scientist, the Rector of Harran University and professor of physics and chemistry, Jabir bin Hayyan stated that matter is an intense energy, and that the claim made by Greek physicists that matter is divided into smaller parts and finally ends up in the smallest part (atom) that cannot be divided and things are made up of this infinite number of parts was false. He said that the atom called juz’un lâyatajazza (atom in Greek), which is considered to be unbreakable, can be broken and energy would be released as a result. The division of the atom was achieved only in the 20th century. The first man-made nuclear reactor in the world was established in 1942 in Chicago, Illinois, USA, as a result of a project conducted by Enrico Fermi. The 30th Flash was compiled in Eskisehir Prison in 1935. Where the name of the Allah is mentioned, it is clearly stated that the atom is a substance which can be broken down and has fractions. With the “Cern” experiment that took place in recent years, atomic particles, quark bodies and “Higgs Boson”, from which divine powers and creation is expected as it is called God Particle, were discovered. A stated in the 30th Flash, these powerless and unconscious subatomic particles are attributed divinity. As explained and proved in the Risale-i Nur, “He who does not accept a deity is obliged to accept deities as many as the number of particles.”


The 24th Word (Second branch): “Now, you genius, the powerful philosopher who entered the drop! With the binoculars of your ideas and the ladder of philosophy, you progressed until the moon and penetrated it. Look, the moon is dense and dark. It has neither light nor life. Your efforts are in vain, your knowledge has gone useless …” (10)

History: In the Words Journal that was compiled between 1926 and 1930, the moon was mentioned at a period when travel to the moon was not achieved yet. It was in 1969 that mankind first set foot on the moon and discovered that the moon was dense, oppressive, and lifeless. Even this comparison is yet another proof that the Risale-i Nur speaks the truth.


The one who knows a technological device best is undoubtedly the master who makes it. These masters write the user manuals so that the device does not break down and can maintain its functions. The creature, called the human being, was created with a technology far superior to the technologies produced by humans through the testimony of science. If that is the case, the one who knows human the best is doubtless Allah, who is his Master and Creator. Almighty Allah, our master craftsman who created us from nothing sent some heavenly books which are user guides in a sense. The Qur’an is the last heavenly book that Allah has sent, which has not been tampered with and has been preserved in its original form. In a way, it is the truthful user’s guide for mankind. It is conducive to material-spiritual health and happiness. The Risale-i Nur, which is an original interpretation that explains and proves the truths of the Qur’an, is true and the truth. It is the best material-spiritual recipe for the generation of this century, who is afflicted with material-spiritual diseases. It is the means to the truth, healing and bliss.

In another article titled “The Risale-i Nur Speaks the Truth” (11), we saw how accurate and true the determinations and expressions in the Risale-i Nur were, in an actual incident, with the confessions of an atheist. Calling “Higgs Boson” as “God Particle”, which is a powerless and unconscious atomic particle, proves this delusion once again. In order to deny a deity, deities as many as particles are accepted, and this indescribable degree of delusion is being injected into the brains under the pretence of science.

In this article, the harmony between the lines of science, primarily medicine, and the lines of Risale-i Nur and the evidence for each other have been pointed out with a few examples. Medical science and other sciences when presented without bias clearly show the truths of the Qur’an, especially the monotheism.

If scientific data can be examined together with the whole of the Risale-i Nur, more confirmations and certifications like those in this article may be discovered. Further studies are needed on this subject.


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